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 Business Management University

 Top Banana Completes the Triangle! Still working on the 'Puzzle'

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Out of Acorns come mighty Oaks

 1st things 1st let me tell you a bit about myself... My name is Lenny Newton Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Idealist Champion, and I am an original Penge Boy, a costermonger from Maple Road, so anything you want to know about getting the Market up and running again I will be only to pleased to help in that direction, I have a plan for that as well, later... Anyway I left my Town of PENGE  3 yrs ago to carve out a new life for myself in Portugal  because my town and the whole country as I could see it had gone to the dogs, now I am back on a sabbatical, my town has been plucked clean by the vultures and turned the inhabitants into cows and all they seem to do all day is walk around treading in sh*t :

*PG 'The Dictionary According to Top Banana'

Well I'm sorry I'm not avin it... Don't panic cos...You've already got Spiderman (Top Banana's surrogate son ) and you've seen Batman and Robin, Superman and Ironman now come along and see...........  








A production of epic proportions being put together as I write, by students from the Brit School as a project for motivation, opening down at Top Banana's Drum..based on a trilogy of books by Scott Alexander... now that's just for starters... ow do you like them apples?.... I know a few well known celebrities that I am in the process of inviting. Extras needed. Just email; [email protected]  and put in the Subject line what YOU would like to do

RHINOMAN AND HIS DOUBLE EDGED SWORD has been put on the backburner because the students have renaged on their side of the bargain, I take that as an expression of agreement that is not supported by real conviction... I could sum that up in 2 words ! Find out on the Members Page

Top Banana Story go here for Top Banana Story Too

 Here he is the Bananaman Himself above

Original Drawing below

This the 1st Drawing for Top Banana Publications . Com UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  Logo Courtesy of Dan the Man Curry.... From Penge, Do you know any cartoonists from Penge?... I'm looking for eg;.... RHINOMAN ,HEDGEDOG,and a pair of geek swots called ENC & DIC, well you got ANT& DEC
Send me YOUR cartoon character's for the continuing story of Top Banana & 'Is' Mates, Location: The Drum Penge London SE20; email; [email protected]


Top Banana the original drawing

   As you can see I'm no artist!!!

What was I thinking of

Banana Spider maybe

Send me your version


















Three of a kind beats a pair...

Well almost ...

Dan had not seen my attempts.

So for him to come up with this little drawing under pressure from me and rather spontaneous......I thought ...

I gotta have it..

The Logo

Then I captured Dan the Man Curry to do me a cartoon like he promised a year previous! Then I stuck his drawing on the computer from inception to conception and they say 'you c_nt teach an old dog new tricks'. woof woof!  who are they anyway?
I spent hours getting Top Banana dressed so if you've got any designs of your own sign up and send them in....


Next challenge is to make Top Banana 3D, watch this space...............l

Top Banana Story                                                                                                                                  

 Lenny Kravitz  ) Newton

 Once upon a time there lived a bunch of bananas somewhere in the sun in Portugal, with its lovely sandy beaches and beautiful countryside.

Now these were no ordinary bananas, they were all shapes sizes and ages. In this particular bunch there were six bananas. Now you do get bigger or smaller bunches, so you can choose which ones' you fancy. Well I fancy this one because they are so different! . Now, when I say THIS one it is because there are a BUNCH of them. This family were made up of LOOSE bananas. They do get separated some times, so it's not unusual to see a mixed bunch.

Well what a mixture! Top Banana is the Daddy and he tries to do his best for the rest and he is always telling them stories to keep them amused. His name is Lenny. We call him Top Banana because he is always singing "Top Banana, Top, Top Banana, Top Banana, Top, Top Banana, and it is quite infectious. So much so that everybody who knows him keeps singing it as well , especially when they see him.


13th August 2005

Lenny ( Kravitz ) Newton

Now all you creative writers out there, even if your not, to continue the story of Top Banana, I need you to send me 200-300 words or less. Try and bring a moral to the story and keep it clean as this is a Children's Story

email;[email protected]com

Subjects to choose from or you can choose your own, here is a list of ours;

Top Banana For President,... Spidermans Surrogate Father,...Professor of Reverse Physcology at the University for the Generation Unification,... Sports Organiser, ... Entertainments Manager,... Teaching Portuguese to 4 yr old Adults.

Or.....   Meeting and Greeting his Dutch Cousins.

What do you think Top Banana should look like?
What about Top Banana 'An' is Mates, like Shaodowl & the rest

Where did he get that Spiderman shirt?

Who do you think he met on the way over the Atlantic?

Where did he come from?

President of what?

How come he's Spidermans substitute Dad, whats that all about?

What  sport  would YOU like to see Top Banana Organise in his Gym down the Drum?. Football, Basketball, Tug-of-War.

email; [email protected]com;    and put in the Subject line what YOU would like to see and do

Top Banana Publications.Com *UNDER CONSTRUCTION is an all encompassing`'University' non accredited, that teaches people how to fend for themselves.

 *UNDER CONSTRUCTION;   according to Top Banana means, 'it ain't bin bilt yet', The foundation is in place and the roots go deep, all I am looking for is someone with a bit of free time now to help me get my Beast off and running, and assist me in controlling the reins, so we dont produce a runaway Monster. Therefore nurturing this baby from conception inception to flourish into a well rounded business.

                 Read the Latest: Penge Record;                             Check out the Web Store and feel free to look around.....

When you need me just holler...




best wishs from a friend are always welcome........and nice to send
Marti Glover

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